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Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB) Field Trip

  1. Have you requested a field trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium through OERB?*
  2. OERB Sponsored Field Trip Reservation Request

    Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive confirmation of your trip after submitting this form. If you have not yet submitted your field trip request to OERB yet, please do so before submitting this form. We cannot confirm your field trip until we have approval from OERB for EACH TEACHER, INDIVIDUALLY on the reservation.

  3. Will you be attending with other OERB-certified teachers?*
  4. Have all other attending teachers submitted their individual requests to OERB?
  5. Please list any OERB-certified teachers that will be accompanying your school during the trip.
  6. OERB field trips are offered Mon-Fri only.*
  7. Arrival Times*

    Since all attendees of an OERB-sponsored field trip must attend the Oklahoma's Oceans program (30 min) your arrival time cannot be later than 12:30 p.m. as you will need ample time to check in and the last program is offered at 12:45 p.m.

    The earliest arrival time is at 10:00 a.m.- when the aquarium opens.

  8. Grade Level(s)- Select all that apply.*
  9. Chaperone Policy

    The aquarium requires one chaperone for every 5 students in Pre-K through 2nd grade, and one for every 10 students in 3rd-12th grade. OERB will only pay the admission for required number of chaperones. Additional chaperones can pay their own admission and receive the field trip rate ($15 plus tax), however they may not attend Oklahoma's Oceans, the required OERB program.

  10. Will you have more chaperones than the number required?*
  11. Extra chaperones receive discounted admission of $15 plus tax at ticketing (provided they state they are with your group).

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