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Fish Friends Application

  1. Fish Friends Field Trip Application & Reservation Request

    Filling out this application will also serve as your field trip reservation request. If you receive a confirmation email in response to this request, that means we have scheduled your trip and you will be receiving the requested funding. We will never book a Fish Friends field trip without also funding the trip. If for some reason we cannot grant the funding, we will reach out via phone or email.

  2. Will this be your first field trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium?*
  3. Does your school receive Title I funding?*
  4. If you are not attending field trip, please list the name and phone number of at least one person we may contact in the event of a lost child or other emergency.
  5. When would you like to visit?
    Please allow up to 5 business days to receive email confirmation of your trip. Email confirmation is required in order to have your field trip officially reserved and funded by Fish Friends.
  6. Group Size and Age Range

    IMPORTANT: The Oklahoma Aquarium requires chaperone ratios of 5:1 for 2nd grade and younger and 10:1 for 3rd grade and older. The number of chaperones needed to meet these ratios for your group will receive free admission; chaperones in excess of these ratios will pay $15 admission (some exceptions may apply).

  7. Grade Level/Age Range of Group*
    Select all that apply to your group.
  8. Classroom Programs and Tours

    Programs and Tours are offered MON.-FRI only. 

    Requesting a program does not affect your chances of receiving a scholarship. Requesting a program does not guarantee receipt of a program. 

    To be eligible for classroom programs your group must be K-8th with 150 or fewer students. Groups with 75+ students may be asked to separate into smaller groups and receive two back-to-back classes.

    To be eligible for tours, your group must be K-12th with no more than 50 students. Groups with 25+ students may be asked to separate into smaller groups and receive two back-to-back tours.

  9. Examples included extra chaperones for special needs groups; special accommodations for students in wheelchairs; or assistance with transportation.

  10. Please write why you would like your group to visit the Aquarium, or how you believe your visit will benefit your group. What alternative resources you have turned to before requesting scholarship support from the Aquarium? How will your school, district, Parent Teacher Association or other constituencies support your trip?

  11. Would you like to receive emails about new programs, events, and promotions?*
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