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Fish Friends Scholarship Application

  1. Grades Served*
  2. Funds are available to schools and other institutions that face financial hardship. First priority will be given to groups that demonstrate the greatest need for financial support.
  3. Does your school receive Title 1 funding?*
  4. Field Trip/Program Information
  5. A minimum of 1 adult to every 5 children is required for 2nd grade and under, a minimum of 1 adult to every 10 children is required for 3rd grade and above. If your group requires additional adults than covered by complimentary teacher admission, they are generally not considered for Fish Friends, but are offered the discounted Education Department rate ($10 per additional adult). Exceptions are considered on an individual basis.
  6. (1st Choice)
  7. (2nd Choice)
  8. (Doors Open at 10 a.m.)
  9. Are you requesting an add on education program
    Checking yes does not alter your chances of receiving funding.
  10. Please write why you would like your group to visit the Aquarium, or how you believe your visit will benefit your group? What alternative resources you have turned to before requesting scholarship support from the Aquarium? How will your school, district, Parent Teacher Association or other constituencies support your trip?
  11. Fish Friends recipients may be asked to write letters of thanks for future fundraising efforts. They may also be asked to participate in short pre and post surveys to support research at the Oklahoma Aquarium. If you have additional questions after reviewing the application, please call the Education Department at 918-528-1508 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m, Monday through Friday.
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