Virtual Field Trips for Schools

Virtual Field Trips Long-02

PRe-recorded videos and printable activities

*Please check back for more updated Virtual Field Trip Information this Fall!

  1. tURTLE TIME (K-3RD)
  2. into the ecozone (4th-6th)
  3. The Inside Story! (7th-12th)


Virtual field trip videos and accompanying activities are designed to meet Oklahoma Academic Science Standards for K-12 students. Educators will receive a video program (see descriptions below) along with accompanying printable activities, and the option to follow up with a Zoom Q&A session led by an aquarium educator. 

Video Length: 15 min
Cost: $75/class (scholarships available)
OAS Standards Met: K.LS1.1, K.ESS2.2, 1.ESS3.1, 2.LS4.1, 3.LS3.2

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