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OErb Field Trips at the Oklahoma Aquarium

More than 100 million years ago, the state we now know as Oklahoma was a warm, shallow seaway full of amazing reptiles, fish, and invertebrates. Today, Oklahoma's only ocean is the Oklahoma Aquarium! Home to the world's largest collection of bull sharks, the Oklahoma Aquarium offers a unique chance for students to get a close look at all kinds of prehistoric fish that swim in our oceans and even in our own lakes and rivers. Students will also attend a short program that explains the connection between oceans, fossils, and fossil fuels. An OERB field trip is great for students of any age.

How do I book an Oerb-sponsored field trip?

Step 1: Request a field trip through OERB. Your trip must be approved through OERB before the aquarium is able to confirm your field trip.

If you are attending with other OERB-certified teachers, each teacher must submit their own request to OERB.

Step 2: Choose a first and second-choice date for your field trip. When planning your itinerary, note that you are REQUIRED to receive a 30-minute program while you are here. You can view the program description and available times below. 

We recommend about 90 minutes to walk through all of the aquarium exhibits. You may bring sack lunches or pre-order boxed lunches from our café; however, boxed lunches cannot be paid for through OERB.

OERB field trips are available Monday through Friday.

Step 3: Request your field trip with at least 2 weeks advance notice. If multiple teachers are attending in one group, only submit ONE form on behalf of the whole group and list all teachers' names on the form.

If you need your date confirmed prior to sending home permission slips or arranging travel plans, you must submit your requests to the aquarium and OERB at least 2 weeks before those arrangements must be made. We cannot confirm dates or give availability via phone or email.

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oklahoma's oceans (k-12) Oerb program

More than 100 million years ago, Oklahoma was covered by an ocean known as the Western Interior Seaway. The marine life that once lived here now only exists as a wide variety of fossils and fossils fuels that power nearly everything in our daily lives. Complement your OERB curriculum with an exploration into the relationship between oceans, fossils, natural history, and energy sources! This program can be tailored to any age group (K-12) and features opportunities to touch real fossils, including coprolite fossils, megalodon teeth, and more!

Program length: ~30 min
Program times10:30 a.m., 11:15 a.m., 11:45 a.m., 12:15p.m., 12:45 p.m. 

oerb field trip faqs

1. Can I attend with other oerb-teachers?

Yes, if you plan to visit with other OERB-certified teachers from your school, you can visit on the same day and receive your program together. In order to do this, have each teacher request their trip separately to OERB; then have ONE teacher request a trip for the whole group to the aquarium (on your aquarium form, list names of other teachers who are attending).

2. Do I have to attend the classroom program?

Yes. OERB will only sponsor your field trip if your class attends the program.

3. What time is my oerb program?

The program is offered at the times listed above and is offered on Monday through Fridays only. You will need to indicate the desired program time in your field trip request form, and the assigned time(s) for your group will be listed in a confirmation email you receive from the aquarium's education department.

4. how long does it take to walk through the aquarium?

We recommend about 90 minutes to visit all exhibits.

5. can additional chaperones and family members come on the trip?

OERB's sponsorship will pay for the admission of all required chaperones. The aquarium requires a 5:1 chaperone ratio for 2nd grade and younger and 10:1 for the 3rd-12th grade. Any additional chaperones/family members must pay for their own admission but can receive field trip rates ($15 plus tax for adults, $8 plus tax for children).

6. can we bring our lunches?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a sack lunch to eat on our back patio next to our playground! You can also pre-order boxed lunches for pick up from our café on the date of your trip; however, boxed lunch orders cannot be covered by OERB.