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Posted on: January 10, 2020

Donate to Rescue Efforts for Wildlife Affected by Australia's Wildfires

Humphead Wrasse in Polynesian Reef

Oklahoma Aquarium Makes $5,000 Donation to Australian Animal Rescue Group, Announces Donation Drive
The Oklahoma Aquarium Foundation Will Donate to the Animal Rescue Collective in Australia

As wildfires blaze through Australia, the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks has announced a $5,000 donation to the Animal Rescue Collective (ARC) based in Victoria, Australia. ARC is a joint project of several rescue groups in Australia with the goal of saving wildlife that have been affected by the fires.

The Oklahoma Aquarium is joining their Sister Aquarium, the Gottesman Family Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem, in fundraising efforts to support ARC. The Israel Aquarium donated funds and veterinary supplies to the rescue group.

“With such an enormous loss of life and habitat, the wildfires in Australia are having a devastating impact on local animals,” says Matthew Griffin, president of the Oklahoma Aquarium Foundation. “Animal loss to this scale affects us all, no matter where it occurs. The Oklahoma Aquarium is a staunch supporter of animal welfare both here and abroad. We hope that this donation will have a positive impact, and we hope that community members will join us in our efforts to help Australian wildlife. ”

The Oklahoma Aquarium has set up a donation page through which the public can help support the rescue effort. The aquarium’s goal is for the community to match their $5,000 gift.

The Oklahoma Aquarium has ties to Australia, as it is home to a zebra shark and humphead wrasse—two endangered species found off the coasts of Australia—as well as many other animals.

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